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Sep 28, 2012 10:00pm EDT
don't think it's mr. hoffa- it'd be great if it was because i'd love to bring hunddeds of thoussnds of &pteamsters that idolize this michigan. just to southeastern officials are also a bit skeptical because they ssy the mob woull have nnver taken hoffa's body to this residential nnighborhood whhre parts were found in today'ss search. a man snatches an expensive puppy from a pennsylvania pet store....and its all caught on camera. 8 videe ameras...even a big warning sign didn't sttp a man pnd his female accooplice from ssealing a 959-dollar maltese porkie. the store manager says the woman distracted her...while the mmn was seen playing with a playpee full of puppies. he then takes one of the puppies out and stuffs it under his sweatshirt. 3"went down like that and hadd it downnhere stuffeddit under his sweatshirt and just walked " out."the manager says its not the first time a puppy has been stolen. they just want to make sure the dog is ok. two men are charged with county. as kathleen cairns &preportss the arrests have prromted lovvd onee to ake &punscheduled visits the cemetery to s
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1